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Meet the Team

Ian Sharpe (he/him)

Business Development Specialist, Graduate Employment,
Toronto Film School

Hello, I’m Ian Sharpe. I work as a Business Development Specialist, Graduate Employment, at Toronto Film School. I focus on promoting our school, and its amazing students and graduates, to employers, with the goal of helping students land jobs related to their fields of study. 

My journey in Career Services began in my first year of university while studying Geography. Ironically the results of a career assessment, administered to me by a career professional, suggested that I would enjoy working in Career Services!   

I didn’t really consider the idea at the time, and pursued other careers including natural and historical interpretation, in addition to film and television production and acting. Following that, I went back to school and got a diploma in Community Work and then worked in the non-profit sector supporting youth and newcomer professionals in their job searches.  

All the pieces of my journey have now come together, as I am indeed working in Career Services – which was recommended – while remaining involved in the exciting world of the entertainment industry!  

Outside of work I enjoy traveling, canoeing, and trying to be a handy person. Every winter a friend and I build an outdoor skating rink to get us through the cold months.