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Your Career In...

Ever wondered about the incredible opportunities your program of study may lead to? Even if your program leads to a specific job title, such as actor or graphic designer, there are so many other things to consider.

Our Your Career In… resources are a great place to start your exploration.

Your Career In Acting for Film & TV

Actors study scripts, develop characters and then perform in front of live audiences, or a production crew for pre-recorded works

Your Career in Video Game Animation

Pursuing a career in Video Game Animation is unlike any other. It is the art of animating characters and objects in video games.

Your Career in Graphic Design and Interactive Media

Being a Graphic Designer is about mastering creative visual communication.

Your Career in Film & Video Production

Did you know that hundreds of people can be involved in bringing your favourite content to the big, small or mobile screen?

Your Career in Video Game Development 

Pursuing a profession in video game development is a unique experience. It combines reasoning and creativity in...

Your Career in Writing for Film & Television

Every TV series and feature film begins with a script. And that script will have been written by a writer.