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Preparing for Work

Saying “Thanks” After an Interview

A thank-you email is a positive, non-intrusive way to stay on an employer’s radar. It might be the key to getting a job offer or making the employer reconsider your candidature, giving you a chance for a second interview if it didn’t go so well the first time.  

A thank-you email also provides an opportunity to confirm your interest in the job you interviewed for as well as clarify any of your answers from the interview. You can also use it to mention any additional skills and abilities related to the job.  

  • Send a thank you email to all individuals who interviewed you, if possible 
  • Send the email within 24-48 hours of the interview 
  • Keep it brief and to the point 
  • Don’t forget to proofread! 


In writing your thank-you message, consider the following format:

You can learn more about thank you notes at  This is the best way to write that post-interview thank-you note